How's it work?
Destiny Rep requires only two things: a username and an account type. It then connects to through a series of service endpoints to retrieve various pieces of publicly available character data. The result is a clean, concise view of a player's Destiny characters. Try it out.

Will you add X, Y, or Z?
Probably so. Feel free to ask me about it.

Mind if I link to your site?
I'd be delighted.

Using Destiny Rep on Your Site

Feel free to add links to Destiny Rep results on your own site. Direct links to specific user results are simply:[username]&t=[accountType]

a psn username or xbox gamertag with all spaces removed
a 1 for xbox or 2 for psn

Please do let me know when the links go live or if you have any questions, but that's about all there is to it.

Privacy Policy stores only the character information retreived from The data is not used in any fashion other than being shown as search results to users of DestinyRep.

Cool Stuff

Destiny Rep Android App
The Android version of Destiny Rep. Handles destiny rep links for you with favoriting, sharing, and a configurable UI.
Find a Destiny group fast for on-the-fly raids, weeklies, and more. Check it out.
OwlBoy (Bryan Bortz) made the icons for They're awesome. He's awesome.


You can directly support DestinyRep (and me, the developer) by downloading the Android app or donating via PayPal. Both are equally appreciated & wonderfully helpful.

Contact the Developer

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PandaPaul on Twitter
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